Selena Gomez Songs List

Selena Gomez Songs List

Selena Gomez is an American actress, singer, song writer, musician and fashion designer was born on 22 July 1992. She started her career in 2002 and till now she has been working really hard. Her movies like Princess Protection Program and Ramona and Beezus were a truly great movies and still girls really like watching them. Her studio albums Kiss & Tell and A Year without Rain were sold like around 1,354,000 albums in US. So let me proceed with the list of Selena Gomez Songs.

Selena Gomez Songs List

Hey Guys, Today I have this post for you people about the best Selena Gomez songs list, no doubt that in such a short span of time this young lady has rocked the world with her awesome acting and singing. Selena Gomez started her music career in 2008 and recorded some of the major Hollywood movie songs which became the main cause of her popularity and later on she made a teen pop band with 4 other musicians in which she is the vocalist. Selena Gomez the Scene band is one of the most famous bands all over the globe now days. The Scene has launched 3 albums which all are super doper hits with music lovers of all ages. Selena Gomez is very popular among girls as well as guys because of her outstanding songs and striking beauty. Enjoy the list of Selena Gomez Songs.

List of Selena Gomez Songs

In the list of Selena Gomez Songs, top 10 Selena Gomez Songs, you’ll find that some of them are among the best Selena Gomez Songs and some are rated to be among new Selena Gomez Songs 2012.

01 – A Year Without Rain
02 – Middle of Nowhere
03 – More
04 – My Dilemma
05 – Naturally
06 – Crush
07 – Dices (Spanish version of “Who Says”)
08 – Disappear
09 – Everything Is Not What It Seems
10 – Falling Down
11 – Fly to Your Heart
12 – Ghost of You
13 – Hit the Lights
14 – I Don’t Miss You at All
15 – I Got U
16 – I Promise You
17 – I Won’t Apologize
18 – As a Blonde
19 – Bang a Drum
20 – Bang Bang Bang
21 – Brain Zapped
22 – Cruella de Vil
23 – Love You Like a Love Song
24 – Magic
25 – That’s More Like It

All Selena Gomez Songs List Continued…..

26 – The Way I Loved You
27 – Magical
28 – Trust in Me (From Disney’s The Jungle Book)
29 – We Own the Night (featuring Pixie Lott)
30 – New Classic (Live) (featuring Drew Seeley)
31 – Off the Chain
32 – Rock God
33 – Round & Round
34 – Shake It Up
35 – Sick of You
36 – Spotlight
37 – Stop & Erase
38 – Summer’s Not Hot
39 – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
40 – One and the Same (with Demi Lovato)
41 – Outlaw
42 – When the Sun Goes Down
43 – Whiplash
44 – Who Says
45 – Intuition (featuring Eric Bellinger)
46 – Kiss & Tell
47 – Live Like There’s No Tomorrow
48 – Whoa Oh! (with Forever The Sickest Kids)
49 – Winter Wonder Land
50 – Send It On (with Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus)

Top 10 Selena Gomez Songs List

01. A Year Without Rain
02. Naturally
03. Round and Round
04. Who Says
05. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
06. Falling Down
07. Send It On
08. Magic
09. One And The Same
10. Whoa Oh

Don’t agree with the top list of Selena Gomez Songs? Selena Gomez songs list 2012-2013 will be updated very soon. Till then enjoy this list of Selena Gomez songs and top 10 Selena Gomez songs list.

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